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    Målsman uppgifter

    Consent that Beasts Basketball is allowed to publish pictures and movies to inform about the club.

    There is a lot of positive things to tell and display from Beasts Basketballs activities.
    In our information we therefore would like to use pictures and movies for this. You alone determine if you want to allow us to use pictures and/or movies where you can be seen.

    Pictures and short movie sequences can be published in Beasts Basketballs digital channels like the webbsite, Instagram, Facebook and broschures.

    Please let us know wheather you allow, or disallow this like described above.

    Consent to Beasts Basketball store my personal information.

    The information in this form will be registered in Älmhult Beasts Basketball membership registry and is neccessary in order to become a member of the club. The club handle this information in order to administrate ongoing activites like training, member meetings, information to parents, administration of members in Idrottonline and handling of member related transactions like membership fee and training fee.

    This information will be deleted when membership is terminated, either by the member or by the parents by email to The people that has access to this information is the clubs board and the coach for the team that the member belongs to. As a member you have the right to gain access to this information and have them updated as needed.